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Babel - A Ballet of Signs 

Choreography Collaboration with Festival out of the Box, Munich 2021

The Babel – A Ballet of Signs production is based on a libretto that can be read exclusively on the level of physical perception. The text will be translated into sign language. This sign language libretto acts as vocabulary for Ceren Oran, the choreographer of the “Ballet of
Signs”, thereby creating a level of meaning that is only accessible to hearing-impaired people, or those with a knowledge of German sign language. Oran’s choreographic focus on this production is to make music visible trough body and dance.

The music that Django Bates wrote for this production has a strong focus on percussive, rhythmic music and on playing with dynamics and volume. Both the composer and choreographer explore the entire range of volume, expressivity and instrumentation in musical communication as well as in body and sign language. The demarcation lines between choreography and composition – and between listening and observing – will become blurred during the “Babel” production.

The intuitive movements of the musicians will become a physical presentation, while the choreographed movements of the dancers morph into a communicative action. The cast consists of performers, dancers, musicians and body percussionists all rolled into one. The
listeners and observers will begin to listen with their bodies while contemplating the music.

Artistic Direction: Martina Taubenberger
Composition: Django Bates
Choreography: Ceren Oran
Performance: Trondheim Voices, Bern Art Ensemble, o/modernt chamber orchestra, Jin Lee, Jihun Choi and Uwe Brauns.

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