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“Ceren Oran is an artist who strengthens and enriches the Munich dance scene.
She sees dance not only as an art form, but also as a form of communication. This is why her work is characterised by immediacy and seeks direct connection with her audience. With a genuine interest in engaging young audiences, she creates poetic pieces about life's big and small issues; not presenting us with answers but rather inspiring us to ask questions. On one hand, she deals with specific themes like identity, homeland and the fast pace of society. On the other hand, her works often take on a reflective meta- perspective that playfully question dance and its relevance in our lives. Why are we dancing at all? What and how do we communicate with dance and what can we learn from it?

Whether in public space, in the classroom or in the underground car park - the openness and flexibility of the format is just as indispensable as the extended idea of choreography: words that begin to dance or a gesture that becomes music. (...)"

Fördertanz Award Jury Reasoning, Munich/22

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