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Im Rund Herum

Come in! Step inside!

Slip into the Marquee of Wonders!

Follow the dance of elsewhere’s place

But mind the golden snake!


The flower fairy is playing within her colourful marquee. She is excited about the visit of so many viewers and - together with her huge golden snake - she invites them into her home. 

She wants to show them her favourite toy: Genuine stars of the sky – she used to dance with them every now and then. 

But suddenly there is something outside – it wants to get into the marquee. Mysterious messages lure into a big, wide world. Does the flower fairy dare to go outside?

Concept and dance: Ceren Oran

Music: Yoko Yagihara

Choreographic coaching: Katharina SchrottCostume and Stage Design: Sigrid Wurzinger


Premiere: October 2012 / Toihaus Salzburg


“"... ein theatrales Urerlebnis ... Auf seinem ureigensten Gebiet ist das Salzburger Toihaus-Theater derzeit unschlagbar. (Salzburger Nachrichten, Nov. 2011)

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