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Schön Anders (Beautifully Different)  

A dance piece about the search for identity and feeling of belonging (6+)

Group behavior shapes us. We protect and organize ourselves into different groups, leisure clubs, in communities of states and unions. But what happens if an individual recognizes their sense of self? What happens then? 

Choreographer Ceren Oran, together with a multicultural team, translates the possible answers into dance and music. Five dancers and one musician perform their own experiences of otherness and belonging. They act out the constant tension between one's sense of self and society in a playful, humorous and touching way. As they discover each others' emotional values, tension begins to unfold. Schön Anders is inspiring and enjoyable for both adults and children aged 6 and above. 

The rehearsal process took place in Munich and in a residence at Neot Samandar Kibbutz, the home of the Israeli dancer Roni Sagi. Besides the rehearsals, all participants also experienced how it is to live in a kibbutz, in a community. The artists observed individual relationships and group behaviour in everyday life and incorporated these observations into their rehearsals. In Munich, school classes and an adult test audience were part of the rehearsal process.

Artistic Direction, Choreography, Dance: Ceren Oran

Choreography, Dance: Roni Sagi, Maria Casares González, Jin Lee, Jovana Zelenović

Composition & Live Music: Benny Omerzell
Costume: Sigrid Wurzinger Light: Dennis Dieter Kopp
Dramaturgic Accompaniment: Moos van den Broek
Artistic Production Management: Rat & Tat Kulturbüro
PR: Simone Schulte-Aladag & Pfau PR

Lenght: 40 Min + 15 min Artist-Talk with the audience (optional)

Premiere: Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2020,
Hoch X, Theater & Live Art Munich


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"It's hard to pull out and the pull of the group is big in Ceren Oran's "Schön Anders". At least at first. The dance piece, which premieres today at Hoch X, is the first abstract work for children by the Istanbul-born choreographer, who is one of the most interesting, active and best networked artists on the Munich independent scene with her musical dance figure performances "Elefant aus dem Ei" and "Sag mal ...", which can be seen again at the Kuckuck-Festival at the end of March. Not to mention the fact that she also does pieces for adults and as a dancer she spices up even mediocre productions of others here and there - simply by her presence. (...)

(…) What is told here without words and figures about the friction between the self and the world, about trendsetting and crossing boundaries, should be seen by everyone. Because the 40-minute piece is wonderfully unpretentious and funny. And because everything is so finely crafted, from the gradual composition of a common language of movement to the growing out of minimal deviations to downright outbursts, as if the people on the otherwise empty stage were bound to each other through an invisible thread. (...)"

Sabine Leucht Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 06 February 2020

''How the 35 - year - old Oran, lovingly tweaks her works and always finds a way to concentrate on a certain focus; leaves you childishly amazed. Or she consistently pushes the play with a prop to the limit of possible variations of use. In a way that rarely strays too far from dance as a medium and mediating element of communication between performers and audience.
”Schön Anders” unfolds into a charming and amusing motoric treatise on group behaviour and otherness, on finding identity and belonging. With the help of Sigrid Wurzinger's costumes, which are uniform only in colour, and composer Benny Omerzell live on the key and knocking soundboard, ”Schön Anders” is a humorous, abstract and impressive dance performance. …”
Vesna Mlaka, Tanznetz 10 February 2020

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