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Soundpainting is a great tool to work with multidisciplinary artists and art Students. It brings together different disciplines under one tool very harmonically, it opens a wide possibility for each artist to create in real time all together instinctively. And with its improvisational structure, the works have always a fresh sprit and atmosphere. It is a great training for improvisational challenges and dealing with unexpected moments of performances.

There are many types of gestures, some indicating specific material to be performed as well as others indicating specific styles, genres, aleatoric concepts, improvisation, disciplines, stage positions, costumes, props, and many others.

The Soundpainter composes with what happens in the moment, whether expected or not. The ability to compose with what happens in the moment, in real time, is what is required in order to attain a high level of fluency with the Soundpainting language.

Salzburg Soundpainting Collective is a multidisciplinary soundpainting collective based in Salzburg. It is founded in 2012 by Ceren Oran and it consist 2 actors 5 dancers and 7 musicians. Since than the collective performed in many festivals, galleries and stages in Salzburg.

Workshop Performances

After 5 days of intensive workshop in Deltebre Dansa Dance festival with 16 dancers and 6 musicinas; Ceren Oran soundpainted a performance with the participants for the whole festival and the audience in Deltebre. The whole performance and the palettes were created during the workshop.​

Soundpainting Concerts

Ceren Oran is collaborating since 2013 with the Viennese band No Head On My Shoulders for performances, concerts and compose live soundtracks. 

Silent Movie Soundtracks in Real Time

Soundpainting is a useful tool to compose Movie soundtracks in Real time. This is an example, where  Ceren Oran soundpainting No Head on My Shoulders. The performance is performed at the opening of “My Sound of Music Film Festival” at Salzburg, while Fast Film by Virgil Wiedrich screened. The project is going on and touring around Austria.

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