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Trag Mıch!


It is amazingly exciting what you can learn as a member of the public about putting on and taking off your clothes! Funny, surprising and unexpected things can be found in trousers and pullovers. How do you manage to magic a whole mermaid from your sleeve? And how comes 2 people fit into one a pair of trousers?

Choreography and Dance: Ceren Oran & Felipe Salazar Hidalgo

Music and Singing: Yoko Yagihara

Costume and Stage Design: Sigrid Wurzinger


Premiere: May 2010 / Toihaus Salzburg


“"... a colourful, funny, clownish and even acrobatic play about putting on and taking of your clothes which is put into onomatopoetic and vivid physical movement by Felipe Salazar and Ceren Oran. Yoko Yagihara subtly steers the sound backdrop. Alone or together, they explore the funny clothes which leads to the most delightful combinations. So many elements of play form which are tried out here in a fresh, new way."(Salzburger Nachrichten, 19.5.2010)

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