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A Simultaneous Dance Performance for Public Spaces Based on Lockdown Improvisations


Moves between bed and cupboard, a classic variation in front of the kitchenette. Release on the balcony. Home videos from the lockdown in Spring 2020. Soloistic. Pandemic. Uploaded to social media. There are all testimonies to the urge of the dancers and choreographers to dance and remain visible. Ceren Oran uses these finds for her performance “ The Urge” and takes it out onto the streets.

The Urge refers to our current environment the pandemic, which has held us captive for a year and a half, focusing on collective trauma and individual behaviour in it. The interaction of every individual, during a crisis experienced by the whole of society, will be looked at under a magnifying glass and transformed into choreographic pictures, which will entrance through the contrast between strong, common unanimous phrases and the resulting individual solos. A large role is played by Oran’s long term music collaborator Hüseyin Evirgen, co- determines the dramaturgy and of the choreography with changing rhythm and dynamics. This is completed by electronic music with the live musician in each city Simon Couratier, Jeannot Salvatori, Jean-Baptiste Charlot, who increases the contrast between collective and individual on a musical level.

The premiere of the The Urge took Place simultaneously in Munich Berlin and Cologne on may 8 th at the DANCE 2021 Festival. Due to the pandemic restrictions, it debuted as a digital livestream. For this reason the choreographer and her team are looking forward all the more, to performing live in public spaces in Munich. Ceren Oran has a desire to bring dance into the community in the city: “ To perform in public spaces means taking rists and coming in contact with lots of different people instead of just performing for an elite audience – it means having a broad spectrum of honest feedback. I believe in the fascinating, contagious and inspiring power of dance: Contemporary dance should be available for everybody – anytime and anyplace.” (Ceren Oran)


Press Quotes:
(…) “What the Munich group of five showed under Oran's direction was inspiring. One felt that spatial demands of the body do not only affect the body; guessed what it means to share this experience with others, and saw movements that tell of having been stowed away and compressed.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12./13. May 2021, Author: Sabine Leucht

Oran creates a collective reflection on the fear of physical contact, caused by the virus, and yet also the unfulfilled desire for intimacy. There is no pretence of light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, the dancers show a continuing process- one in which we are still stuck- but after “The Urge” one feels that a spark has been ignited: A common bond will always bring forth great things.
Tanznetz, 08. May 2021, Authors: Klara Kiendl, Elisabeth Maslik

(…) “The piece The Urge by Munich choreographer Ceren Oran is also progressive. She has the dancers perform outdoors on large surfaces - simultaneously in Munich, Cologne and Berlin. The three local groups have adapted Oran's softly swinging out of the body style in a great way. And how, thanks to image editing, the three danced venues move up and down on the screen as image rectangles, literally dancing around each other: This is already a step into the digital dance future.”
Bayerische Staatszeitung, 14. May 2021, Author: Katrin Stegmeier

The Urge- Simultaneous Live Stream

Concept, Artistic Direction, Choreography: Ceren Oran

Choreographic Collaboration: Maayan Reiter, Rotem Weismann

Dance: Jin Lee, Uwe Brauns, Laura Manz, Jihun Choi, Lena Klink (Munich), Maayan Reiter, Margherita Dello Sbarba, Paula Niehoff, Lucas Lopes Pereira, Hayato Yamaguchi (Cologne), Rotem Weismann, Lukas Malkowski, Woo-Sang Jeon, Susanna Ylikoski, Ariel Hayoun (Berlin)

Music: Hüseyin Evirgen (Electronics) Jeannot Salvatori (Saxophone), Jean Baptiste Charlot (Flute), Simon Couratier (Saxophone)
Dramaturgical Accompaniment: Karolina Hejnova
Artistic Production Management: Rat&Tat – Kulturbüro
Production Assistance: Caroline Skibinski, Florian Greß
Technological Management: Peer Quednau

PR: Simone Lutz

The unisono parts of the choreography are based on the lockdown videos by Phil Hulford, Sofia Pouchtou, Clementine Herveux, Elisa Ruffato, Kamola Rashidova.

Premiere: The premiere of the The Urge took Place simultaneously in Munich, Berlin and Cologne on may 8 th at the DANCE 2021 Festival.

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Artist Talk with Ceren Oran about the process of The Urge moderated by Simone Schulte – Aladag during Dance Festival 2021 (In english):

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